Välkommen till Miniatyrsällskapet


Sveriges "Minsta förening"


Welcome to Miniatyrsällskapet

the "smallest" society of Sweden

Interested in miniatures?



Welcome to Miniatyrsällskapet!

Miniatyrsällskapet is a society for miniaturists in Sweden.

It was founded in January 2001 and its commitee resides in Stockholm.


The aim of the society is to be a driving force for miniaturists, to promote the interest in interior miniature design and miniature houses, especially those of Swedish style.

The society arranges courses and workshops, field trips and study tours to places of cultural interest, and lectures, all according to the wishes of its members. You will have the opportunity to meet other miniaturists in small groups.


What will a membership in Miniatyrsällskapet give you?

- newsletters three times a year (in Swedish)

- website with, among others, images from preceeding events, links to other interesting websites

- invitations to courses and workshops, lectures, study tours and so forth


Membership fee is 200 Swedish crowns per year.

To become a member pay to Plusgiro 407 12 52-3.

Don´t forget to give your name, address, telephone number and e-mail adress.


For more information you can contact any of the board members.

You can use e-mail info@miniatyrsallskapet.se



The committee of Miniatyrsällskapet


Translation of the Swedish words:

President - Ordförande

Treasurer - Kassör

Secretary - Sekreterare

Members - Ledamöter

Co-opted member - Adjungerad


Telephone number: add +46 and take away the first 0 in the number

Hör gärna av er!




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Vi drivs av frivilliga miniatyrister och om ni är intresserade av att vara med och utveckla Miniatyrsällskapet framåt hör gärna av er eller om ni vill hålla i en kurs